Black Belt: Yr One Lessons

June marks my one year anniversary of being promoted to Black Belt. It has been one hell of a year. While I wasn’t interested in competing, that season may have completely passed for me, what I was focused on what being a better coach and instructor. I took on more of a leadership role atContinue reading “Black Belt: Yr One Lessons”

Year End Thoughts

2021 had it’s ups and downs. The pandemic still isn’t over, many of us are dealing with inventory issues and inflation is driving us all nuts. As unsure as all of this has been, I’m thankful for the bright spots that I’ve had this past year. In June I was promoted to Black Belt afterContinue reading “Year End Thoughts”

The Dilemma Principle

Early on in our Jiu-Jitsu careers, all of our attacks are linear, in an A to B attack formations. An example would be, Closed Guard to Arm Bar. When we get the submission, things are great. The issue comes when that first attack eventually fails and we feel we have no other contingency plans. ForContinue reading “The Dilemma Principle”