Coaching Kids!

For the last few months I’ve been assisting Regis out with the kid’s program which has been a lot fun, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding in some way or another. It’s a change of pace for me and I get a kick from being around their energy. A few weeks ago Regis had me teach a few self-defense techniques as a review of a previous class from earlier in the week which would be no more than 10 minutes of the class.

AugSubConFor two days I went over every detail in my head and even used my wife as a training partner to make sure I had it all down. I would find myself in the middle of the shower mentally playing out the words I would use and of course getting nervous about it all. It wasn’t so much about the kids themselves, but more about messing up in front of Regis. Teaching kids is something I love doing and want to continue growing into so I had to make a good show if it.

It was the fastest 10 minutes and I did great!

Apparently so much so that with Regis out of town for a seminar he asked me to coach the kids at next weeks SubCon here in San Diego. I have never coached kids or adults at a competition for that matter but I’m as excited for them as I am for myself. It’s an honor to be asked and it’s an experience that I’ve wanted to be a part of for some time now.

I can’t wait!!

Also as a side note, I’m competing in both Gi and NoGi on the same day. That’s also something I’ve never done. I’ve always just focused on one or the other but decided to do something new this time around.

Wish me luck!!



Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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