SubCon Gi – Blue Belt May 7th

This weekend I participated in SubCon’s The League over the weekend and I’m still feeling it on this Monday morning. I signed up at the last possible minute. Like always I questioned if I was even ready and or if I even wanted to go through the whole process. I love aspects of competing and absolutely hate others. Can’t stand the nervous feeling I have to deal with.

SubCon3There was an issue about what division I should be in but once all that was finally worked out I was ultimately put in the Master’s Division with one other guy. Being that it was just the two of us it meant that we would fight it out in a best two out of three format which I was perfectly fine with.

The match started and with us fighting for grip just before he went in for a takedown. I reacted WAY too late and decided to jump guard. I figured that if he was going to get two points on me for the takedown I would rather have him in my closed guard than in any other position.

SubCon4This part isn’t on video unfortunately. Once I closed guard I felt him lift me up and drove me flat onto my back. When he lifted me I thought he was just trying to shake me off but then there was a thought of, “Ah, shit”. From what my wife tells me the impact was LOUD. Everyone’s attention shifted over to our mat to see what happen.

It knocked the wind out of me. All I could do at the time was cringe and grit my teeth. Luckily I was smart enough to tuck my chin to avoid my head from slamming down on the mat. He immediately apologized, several times actually which I appreciated. I also overheard someone say, he’s a wrestler. My guess is that his instincts took over and he went right into wrestler mode which slamming is legal. I wasn’t mad, I kind of understood where he was coming from.

After I was able to pull myself off the mat the ref brought us together and said that he was going to restart the match. I voiced my opinion about the slam being illegal and how he should be DQ’d. The ref disagreed and the match would be restarted. Somewhere in the discussion I distinctively remember my opponent chime in and say that it was a slam. Weird. If it was legal why didn’t we start in the guard where we landed. If it wasn’t legal, then it should have been a DQ.

SubConBetween my two fights I was approached by three guys who had been watching. They told me that they couldn’t believe that he wasn’t DQ’d then complimented me for pushing through and using my Jiu-Jitsu to win the fight.

That felt great to hear!

After getting my medal and all the adrenaline wore off I was walking around like a walker on The Walking Dead. Grunting and shuffling from place to place. My back felt terrible but all worth it. Whether I agreed with the ref’s ruling or not, I was afforded the chance to fight through adversity. I wanted it to have a more dominating performance but with everything that happen I was proud of myself for never getting pulled out of my game. I never got angry or upset. I accepted what I couldn’t change and adapted accordingly to everything else.

At the conclusion of all this I need to work on my stand up more. I allowed myself to be taken down way too easily, even if he was a wrestler, I should have responded better to his take downs and the throw in the second match.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get ready. Special thanks to Zimitri and Robert for filling in as my coaches. It was a HUGE help.

Overall it was a great day for all of us at Gracie Humaita.


:05 I missed a trip.  :20 Taken down.   2:57 Open Guard Scramble & takedown.

4:02 Mount.  4:17 Back Take.  4:40 Rear Naked Choke.


:11 Taken down.  :58 Triangle Set Up.  1:09 Omoplata Attemp & scramble.

1:27 Thrown after scramble.  2:51 Failed Scissor Sweep.

4:00 My closed guard gets opened.  4:03 Transitioned to X Guard Sweep

4:19 Transition to Half Guard.  5:31 Pass to mount.  5:39 Ezekiel Choke attempt.

6:04 Amaricana Attempt 6:10 Ezekiel Choke attempt


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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