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GracieCompTook part in my first Gracie Humaita Competition yesterday. Haven’t competed in the Gi in probably a year and a half. This was my first time competing under Regis and the Gracie Humaita HQ banner so yes I was a bit nervous. I went through all the normal emotions before a competition. The excitement you get when you first sign up. Then the regret of knowing that your day is booked and you can’t do what you normally do on a Sunday. During the week of, it was all nerves.

All nerves.

I got to the event and it was a PACKED house in Gracie Humaita Temecula. I ended up having to change in the car just because it offered more space and time away from the chaos. Once inside I watched some of my teammates battle one another along with people from some of the other schools. It goes to show you that closeouts in major Jiu-Jitsu tournaments is bullshit. We were fighting it out for far less and had zero issue with it.

My first opponent was with a very tough guy that I’ve trained with a few times. My goal was to start off with a throw or an immediate sweep once I pulled guard. Neither happen for me. I pulled into butterfly guard but he had great base so I went to closed guard and tried to work scissor sweet but failed.

GracieComp2Anticipating that it might fail, I immediately pulled back into closed guard. I remember us fighting for grips before I finally attempted an omoplata. In the process he threw my legs over and tried to pass, I went to turtle and somewhere within this flurry I ended up on top in half guard. I remember being stuck in that position longer than I wanted. His defensiveness was giving me some problems early on. Eventually I passed close to the end of the fight. The fight ended with me winning 6-0, or maybe it was 5-0.

With the first match out of the way I felt more at ease. Yes I was disappointed that it wasn’t a submission but it felt good to get some of the rust off.

My second match came was called and Regis came over and tells me that since their’s only 3 of us, if I win I get gold. If not then we have to keep going, which I really wanted no part of. The match started, I started the match the same way I did the first time. He had great posture and base so this time I went into open guard, putting my feet on his hips and flaring my knees wide hoping that he would stand up.

GracieComp3I could here one of his teammates screaming, “the guard is open!” he stood up and I went right into spider guard, he stepped in the wrong direction and I swept him into side control. I move into North South, isolated an arm, then drove forward into the Kimura grip. Once in position I easily ripped the arm free, don’t think he ever got a good grip on his own gi so once the arm was behind his back I twisted and got the submission.

It felt GOOD!

Almost as good as some of the compliments I got. Regis told me that he was proud of me and Zimetri told me I did a good job and something to the effect of “with me I’m strong, you, you’re so calm and technical.” Huge compliment from a guy who literally destroys me every time we roll.

GracieComp4The highlight of the day was between two white belts who FOUGHT it out to an initial draw. It was so intense and action packed that everyone who wasn’t fighting was watching and screaming for it. You would have thought it was the finals of the Worlds with how much attention and emotion it cultivated. The fight went into overtime and it ended with our guy losing after getting his guard passed. Some guys even started chanting “ONE MORE TIME!”

Great event and I look forward to doing it again. Thank you to everyone who came and those who laid the groundwork for it to put it on.



Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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