My Instructor Road Pt 1

I was recently invited to the Instructor Course after Regis found out that I used to help with the Kid’s and Women’s classes at my old school. The first class in the series was held recently. While I didn’t bother counting how many of us there were, it was a good sized class of purple and blue belts. Some of which are already teaching. Like, Phillip and Frank for example are already great instructors in their own right.

I loved the structure of the class that was laid out. Regis gave us the ground rules. Stressing the importance of showing up on time as an instructor, right as a few guys made their way through the front doors. Talk about awkward. After answering some of our questions we worked through part of the accompanying DVD that’s shown during the introductory class.

It was a great first class. It had a good mix of a formal class setting while still feeling relaxed, giving us plenty to laugh about during that two hour block. I’ve worked at way too many jobs that didn’t believe in giving this level of training to new hires and it makes it difficult for all parties involved. So, I was really surprised by the level of detail that was thought out for this program.

With just this one class it allowed me to be more relaxed helping in kid’s class. Yes, there is the fact that I’m also getting better acquainted with the kids themselves but the class gave me a clearer picture on what’s expected of me from Regis. When you’re new to a situation there’s a lot of gray foggy areas that you’re really unsure about. At the moment I feel more empowered. So in turn I don’t feel like I’m being constantly judged or eyed.

Being more relaxed I’ve jump right in when the kids need to extra attention or help. I have no problem coaching them along. I plop right down next to them on their level and walk them through step by step and it feels great watching them finally get it.

Just this last class I noticed two of the girls who are usually spot on having an issue with the technique. I sat down next to them and ask if they would start from the beginning for me. This beast of a little girl, looks up at me with her big brown eyes, and says.. “I’ve never heard your voice before.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Not just that slight polite giggle that you give someone because you don’t wanna embarrass someone. Her comment hit me just right where where I was all smiles and laughing out loud. Probably the highlight of the night for me.

Bring on the second class!!


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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