2016 Goals

I started writing out my goals a few years ago in order to become more organized. While I don’t anticipate that I’ll accomplish all of them they tend to keep me focused on a few things. I’ll usually set up both short term and long term and revisit everything around the half way mark in order to see where I’m at. Doing this tends to allow me to focus on some of the smaller milestones in this marathon.

These are some of my goals this year. I don’t really have a specific time table for them. Most will be ongoing topics that I’ll continue to cover beyond any one time period.

Sort Term

  • Rep More Before Class
  • Developing a Heavier Top Game.
  • Attaining Back Control & Finishing at a Higher Rate
  • Developing X Guard Figure Four Transition
  • Rep Straight Footlock & Toe Hold
  • Submit Purple Belt Robert Hernandez (Healthy Rivalry)

Long Term

  • Compete This Year (Preferably Sub Only)
  • Earn My Purple Belt
  • Train More NoGi
  • Become a Certified Instructor


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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