Rebellion Academy Visit

Over the weekend my old instructor Jeff let me know that they would be holding an open mat at their new location and that I was welcome to come by. Considering I don’t get to train with those guys very often I jumped at the opportunity and contacted Dean and Will to see if they would be attending. While Will would be busy having to teach kids class, Dean was available so we got together early Saturday morning.

RebThis would be the first time I would have visited the new location so I was excited to see how the place looked. It’s still a work in progress but already the place looks great.

They now have a front desk along with a lounge area with a couch and TV. Once you walk past the entrance you make your way onto the much improved and larger training room. They now have two matted portions where duel classes can be held. The first area is plain, much like what you typically find at most martial arts gym. The second and much larger of the two mats is raised and rests on some tires tires that Jeff was able to get together.

Reb3This thing is beautiful and a huge upgrade from the old location. You can comfortably take Judo or Sambo falls on this thing without taking an unnecessary beating on the body.

GREAT quality mats. I love the upgrades that Jeff has made to the academy. The only issue I saw was that Reb2the new location didn’t have a shower but that’s on the way and once that’s in this place is top notch. The place looks great and I look forward to seeing the program grow due to it.



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