Holm Conquest

TrainThere I was watching the UFC on my laptop this Saturday. Watching mainly out of habit than a whole lot of interest. Not like I have for many of the fights I’ve watched in the past. I knew that Holm’s elite boxing abilities would be a great test for Rousey but I wasn’t totally sold that she would win. Like in any battle, it’s all about the terrain in which the fight is waged. I knew that if it was a stand up battle Holm would walk away with the title but if it went to the ground for a prolonged period Rousey would win.

I was both shocked and excited by the outcome. As someone who was a huge fan of Rousy early on, seeing her on the Ultimate Fighter swayed me. I hated the way she conducted herself. While I’ve always respected her abilities and I enjoy her fights, I choose to cheer against her much like I’ve done with Floyd Mayweather. I just dislike their attitudes and I couldn’t wait to see either of them humbled.

Holm’s conquest of Rousey can only be good for the sport and Ronda herself. No one wants to suffer a brutal knockout but these things have a way of generating a renewed interest in one the division and two the fighter’s focus. The amount of pressure that Rousey has had to be under the last few years is on a level that most fighters will never understand or experience.

She’s a pioneer in a sport that Dana White said would never exist in the UFC. She’s a sex symbol, an actress, an author, and a model all while trying to master MMA’s multi-dimensional aspects. There’s only so much focus that one person can devote to that many interests. Her opponents weren’t on her level so she was able to get away with it for so long. After destroying these ladies with such ease, she fed into her own hype and started believing she was invincible and of course she wasn’t.

I truly do hope Ronda picks herself back up, takes some time to rest and recuperate, then comes back stronger than ever.

Hopefully a bit more humble.



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