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This video recently surfaced of a fake black belt getting reamed by legitimate Jiu-Jitsu black belt Ruben Alvarez. The last time I saw someone dressed down this badly was when I was in the Army. Actually brought back some both terrifying and delicious memories. This is not something you see happen very often. I personally don’t have an issue when how Professor Alvarez handled the situation but he later released the following on Instagram.

Guess everyone’s seen it. I’m not proud of how I acted but I love this Art so much! It’s changed my life for everything positive. I really hope this guy comes back with his white belt & can learn how to change for the better through Jiu-jitsu! Let’s keep this ART pure

This got me thinking about my own four year journey and how it’s changed my life. Firstly, I lost track of time. All I really knew was that a few years had passed but I had no true concept of what time it was in my day’s progress. I just looked up one day after someone asked me how long I had been training and I couldn’t nail down the exact amount of time. I had to think about it later that evening when it finally dawned on me that I started when I was thirty. Thirty.

A small percent of my existence on this planet is reflected within this 4 year span that I’ve spent married to Jiu-Jitsu. Let that sink in for a second. All the struggles I’ve had learning this art has really just been a fraction of my time here. These four years have taught me so much that I hardly recognize the person I was before I turned thirty and I don’t mean just physically.

JayZYes I was lazy, thirty five pounds heavier, and loved junk food but the greatest changes in these four years happen internally. Confidence being one of the biggest. I understand that at the end of the day, nothing is preordained. No one person has been given an ability that I can’t cultivate through hard work and determination. Nothing is out of reach if I’m willing to put the time in for it.

I was able to build enough confidence in myself that I became a competitive fighter. This coming from someone who only competed in one sporting event in high school. I joined track only to get in some kind of shape for the Army’s basic training that was to take place just a few weeks after graduating. I ran the four hundred for my school and ended up DEAD last. The whole event was embarrassing. So from being one of those kids that never had a successful athletic past to become someone who for a while was signing up for anything he could find was a huge difference and something I’m incredibly proud of.

Following in the footsteps that nothing in impossible for me I attacked other endeavors. Started up a blog and twitter page. Doubts crept in, but I pushed forward anyway. I wrote whenever the inspiration hit, then pushed the envelope even further. I wrote a short eBook to help give back to incoming white belts. Like anyone else I worried about failing and worried about looking foolish. Would it be a waste of my time or could it actually help someone who had the same questions I had starting out.

These four years have not just given me the ability to do Jiu-Jitsu efficiently, to live inside of dangerous positions with a certain level of survivability. All those things were simply side effects to what I’ve really been given. The confidence to be exactly who I am and chase the dreams I deem worthy even if others don’t. So in closing I hope the “fake black belt” does come back and wears his rightful rank so he too can be rewarded with the same things I have. The confidence to whatever he wants.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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