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Metamoris has been embroiled in the middle of a public relations issue thanks Ralek Gracie‘s explanation on why Metamoris hasn’t had more women’s matches. Recently Chelsea Leah Bainbridge-Donner wrote a blog on her view of what’s going on with Metamoris’s  apparent failed attempt at having a secret women’s bout at this Saturday’s PPV.

MetWhile she has NO facts backing up her story it’s still very intriguing and worrisome. In previous comments, Ralek has mentioned that part of the issue for them is financial. I could somewhat understand that, but then the company decides to not have a live gate for this weekend’s event. There could be a wide array of reasons of why they decided to not have a crowd in attendance. None of which that I’m a part of, so I decided to ask Metamoris directly.

Met2I by no means believed they would ever respond, just figured the question would be ignored completely. On that same day they responded in a direct message on twitter. While they never actually gave me a straight answer, the lack of a clear one has given me and the fans of their product a negative view of them.

I want to believe that none of this is true and it’s all a complete misunderstanding. Just something that will all be cleared up with some epic secret women’s match this Saturday, but Metamoris isn’t helping me want to buy the feed.

So until I see different I’ll save my money and hear about it later.




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