That Guy

After I left jiu-jitsu class last evening, I went to get dinner for the kids.  As I was waiting for my food, I got to talking to this man about jiu-jitsu.  He noticed I was wearing Gi pants and that I was sweating profusely.  He asked, “You just come back from karate or something?”  I replied, “Actually jiu-jitsu.”  He was a little surprised and exclaimed, “Really? Don’t get me wrong but aren’t most of those guys fit and in shape?” Uhhmm, thank you? I gave him the line Coach Jeff told me once, “They’re in shape because they DO jiu-jitsu.”  He then said, “Nice but I could never do that though.  I don’t want to be “that guy” who sucks in class.”  So we get our food… Exchange good-byes… And go on with our lives.

I sat in the car feeling a little down on myself because of what that guy said.  In jiu-jitsu class, I am the slowest one, the most out of shape and I have trouble with a lot of the techniques.  I’m “that guy!” I drove home with the windows open to cool me down and I began to think… “Being “that guy” actually ain’t so bad.  I get to take my time during warm-ups until I can get up to speed.  During drills, I get extra attention from instructors and higher belts because I sometimes need more help.

Also, I’m allowed more time to take a drink of water, catch my breath and take a blast from my inhaler.  In addition, I’m not expected to spin around, flip on to my side, do a cartwheel into spider guard then do a flying arm bar.  Instead, I get custom options to techniques since I have body limitations.  Best of all, being “that guy” allows me to only improve.  If I remain consistent in my training and give it my best, I can only get better, right?  Remember, I may be “that guy” now but eventually I will become “that guy who tapped you out.”

– FunkyDaddyJ


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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