Kimuras & Americanas

I just came back from the Monday night fundamentals class at Rebellion Academy.  I’ve missed 3 lessons in the past two weeks due to family and work obligations.  I had to drag my butt to class since my brain was trying to convince me to stay home.  I knew that anytime I miss more than a few days, it would be like starting over again.  The body has a funny way of adapting to laziness and mine was good at it.  Besides, I had no choice but to go since I told Sifu Jeff that I was coming.  I knew if I didn’t keep my word, he would gear up and hunt me down.

Even after a few weeks of lessons, I dreaded the warm-ups.  You’d think I’d be use to it by now. NOPE! Those damn burpees are going to be the death of me.  I always thought burpees were only for prisoners who had to adapt a fitness regiment with prison life.   So off I counted… Jump… bend down… pushup… back up.  Mind you, I do a modified version that suits my limitations so for me it’s… reach up… kneel down… girl push-up… stand up… groan.  And 10, done.  Now on to shrimping.  This I’m getting use to for it is the most basic BJJ movement and I’ve been doing it since day one.  I’ve gotten to the point that I shrimp out of bed.  When my alarm goes off in the morning, I bridge, turn to my side, push off my wife and jump out of bed.  My wife hates it but BJJ is a lifestyle, baby.

Tonight we learned the Americana and Kimura from the top mount position.  Fancy name for bending your opponent’s arm like a chicken wing.  A little tough for me to execute as my arms are short and I have to stretch and reach to loop around my partner’s arm to grab onto my wrist.  I felt bad for my training partner as I needed to bear my entire weight on him to get the proper position.  245 pounds on someone chest is not fun.  Sifu Jeff saw me struggling and came over to make adjustments.  “Reach this way, grab in tight, kick your leg over his head to block it then lift and slide his arm down.”  Oh man, I was twisted up like a Wetzel Pretzel.  Again, he made adjustments to accommodate my lack of flexibility.  The more I said, “I can’t do that.” He replied, “Then do it this way… And stop saying, CAN’T!”  He told me there is always a way to make BJJ work for you.  First understand the movement then make adjustments to your body type.  So there I was, doing my first arm lock.  It felt great.  Now to try it against someone who’s resisting.  However, no sparring this evening since the class was running late.  I shook hands with my partner, peeled off my sweat soaked jacket and headed for home.

Before I go, let me address the elephant in the room.  My blogger name… FunkyDaddyJ.  No, it’s not my future WWE name (although catchy) but a joke gone wrong.  When David asked me to guest blog, I thought he was joking.  So I told him I would submit an article only if I can use the pen name FunkyDaddyJ.  He LOL’d me back and said, “Deal.”  Ha!  He called my bluff.  Good night… – FunkyDaddyJ


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