The CM Punk Lesson

CmPunkSo recently the UFC signed former WWE superstar Phil “CM Punk” Brooks to a contract. From my understanding the guy has never competed in Jiu-Jitsu, has no amateur MMA or wrestling experience, and has yet to be promoted in Bjj. Most fans are looking at this signing like why does he get to jump the long line of hungry fighters who have spent years paying their dues. Me, I could care less. Life isn’t fair and if you have drawing power certain doors get opened for you.

For me that’s a small aspect of this story. The more important aspect which everyone seems to be neglecting is that the story  is in essence an underdog story. CM Punk is taking a huge risk publicly by competing in something that one, he can get seriously hurt in. Two,  his potential failure will be available for the world to see. He’s getting mocked endlessly by people who have deemed his goal/dreams ridiculous. Much like Micheal Jordan was laughed at for chasing his baseball aspirations in the middle of his NBA career.

QuoteWhile personally I think that he’s too far behind the learning curve in comparison with the guys of the UFC to have any major success, I applaud and respect what he’s doing. So many of us live these really safe lives out of fear of failure. Yet here he is expected to lose, expected to be embarrassed, and expected to be dominated, but here he is willing to stand up for his dreams as the world watches. He’s willing to do that while you sit paralyzed by your own fears. Who’s really living life, and who should be embarrassed by the lack there of?


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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