Outwork People

“They cut you, son, because they want to win..”

I came across the “You Made it Weird” podcast with Pete Holmes today and the guest on the show was Sinbad. I’ve been a Sinbad fan for years, I was even privileged enough to see him perform at the Fair a while back here in San Diego. He’s an underrated comedian in my opinion but what got me about the podcast was the segment where he talks about the advice his father gave him about failure. (Click here and skip to the 34 minute mark)

“Dad what’s my gift, I want to be a prodigy..”

“You’re gift is persistence.”

“That sucks! What kind of gift.. what if I work hard enough.. that’s my gift? I’ll just outwork people?”

He goes “EXACTLY!”

He goes on to say that “if you don’t mind being the worst one for 15 minutes, as a matter of fact, embrace it so that you can succeed.”

RockThat conversation he had with his father was incredibly profound because he touches upon two of the most important ingredients for success. Obviously we are going to be bad far longer than the “15 minutes” that his father suggests, but the willingness to be the worst is huge!

Naturally we’re afraid to look bad in front of others but if you can get over yourself for at least 15 minutes, and are willing to outwork everyone else you can be whatever you want!!


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