Battle in the Pyramid

With a day removed from my third IBJJF competition there’s plenty to think about. I lost my fight by points but I fought well. My match was scheduled for early morning which benefited me greatly. I didn’t have to go through the day feeling hungry or being concerned with my scale being off in comparison to the official one. I warmed up, weighed in, and had my gi inspected. During inspection the official looked at my 5’4″ frame and said, “you’re a light weight, where do you keep it.” I’m a bit of a smart ass and almost blurted it out, “in my pants..” but then thought better of it and just shrugged my shoulders. No need to make things weird between us.

After being shown to the mat, I bowed, shook hands, and we went fought. I remember that so much was going on that it felt much longer than just the five minutes that the clock counted out. I remember being behind in the fight with no chance to win by points. Not a fun realization to have during a fight but I kept repeating, “I will not quit, I will not accept this!”

I kept fighting and battling, making him have to work and hopefully open up for a counter that would end the fight in my favor. By that point I really had no worry about losing and I was never threatened by any of his submission attempts, but he had great pressure when he was passing. Towards the end of the fight I heard Jeff yelling loop choke so I went for it. I had it in pretty deep but didn’t completely secure it and he was able to spin out. Lesson learned but it’s an opportunity that’s going to bother me for a bit.

Ultimately I’m happy with my progress. While the first time I fought at IBJJF I was stuck in guard most of the time and my second go around I ended up being submitted by a straight footlock. With this opportunity I was able to play more of my game. Six months ago I would have had my guard passed easily and I would not have felt as comfortable in the bad positions I found myself in. It was with Jeff’s urging I’ve improved my guard retention and attacking. While I’m disappointed in the loss I have to focus on the bigger picture.



Pulled guard, I was surprised by how easy it was. I expected him to beat me to the punch


Got into triangle position, he angled himself to my right with good posture, I tried to go for an armbar with no luck. Couldn’t get a good bite on his head with my right leg. If I was successful Mike G would have been proud of me.


After the fight there was some confusion as to what the hell I was doing here. After watching the video , I just misjudged how close he was to me. I thought I would be able to roll completely through but he was tighter to my body than I realized. Dumb move.


I was able to roll out and replace open guard.


I get into Spider Guard and attempted my sweep. He reacted well.


I was able to get back to closed guard.


He passes my guard again.


He tries to go for an Americana while transitioning to mount. I countered and went to half guard then with a collar grip, then to a collar choke.


I throw up a Loop Choke, really tight but I didn’t prevent him from rolling out.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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