Loving Abuse

suck it upLet me start off by saying sometimes you’re the hammer.. and sometimes, just sometimes you’re the nail. I despise being the nail, being the nail sucks! I’m not too proud to admit last night was a difficult one for me. As usual Jeff set up some cardio for us. Last night’s session entailed two three minute rounds of jump rope and picking up a 50 pound ball and tossing it over your shoulder.

The squatting wasn’t as bad as it would normally be for me. I recently started this nutty extreme squat challenge a few days ago and my legs were just getting used to the soreness. I sometimes think that Jeff enjoys pushing us just to see if one of use will just quit. After the warm up we worked guard pulls then got down to business.

squats2Jeff set up three 3 minute rounds for each of us. In essence it would be a 9 minute sparring session with a new sparring partner each 3 minutes with no rest. It’s a mental and physical test for whoever goes through it. At one point I was sparring with Mike G and got caught in an awkward position. Difficult for me to even put in words but form what I remember he was top in an ambar position but he had a grip on my far side. Somehow the combination of me trying to roll away from him and his pressing down over my head/face i heard a succession of pops/cracks. I felt this really uncomfortable pain along my neck but I continued with the ass kicking Mike was handing out.

I debated quitting. That initial spark of pain worried me but after the round was over I had a little bit of soreness but nothing major thankfully. Nights like these can wear on the ego and confidence but knowing that you need them in order to keep things honest forces you to own it and keep moving forward.  😐


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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