Saturday Morning Training!!!

metrainingSaturday morning’s for a few weeks had become hit or miss with everyone’s schedules but the last two have become very interesting. I love training with these guys outside of class. It’s more personal I guess.

With five of us in a small area and three being white belts I ended up being the facilitator for the days training. What I’ve noticed is that sometimes people go into these off hours training sessions with a really free flowing idea of training. In some instances it’s great. Training is relaxing for most of us and there’s a time and a place for it, but having a more focused aim when training provides a depth of growth for yourself and others.

My philosophy on training is to go into a session with some bullet points or an overall outline of what I’d like to touch upon. For me it’s not a rigidly formed plan, it allows for change and flow for ideas that will inevitably take form as you start to train. You’re going to come across questions or epiphanies which will call for your deeper study. So as much as I may go in with an idea of something I want to work on, I keep an open mind for the unexpected.

When everyone came in I asked what they were working on, after not having much of a response I asked what the white belts were having difficulty with. Two of them mentioned having issues with escaping the bottom of side control. So with Dean’s help we decided to run “Mad Minutes” from bad positions. We did four rounds on each position working our way through side control, mount, and back mount. Between positions Dean and I offered suggestions and opinions on what we thought would work for them. It was fun seeing them utilize a suggestion almost immediately.

I think it turned out to be a very beneficial training session for everyone that was there. Keeping that in mind as a blue belt we sometimes get into the “I’m just a blue belt” mentality. While someone like me shouldn’t be teaching any of the advanced guys as an instructor, there’s quite a bit that a blue belt can offer some blues and white belts specifically.

As a white belt I benefited hugely from what the blues were doing and teaching me. And all I want to do it give that back. The faster they improve the better the rest of us will be from it.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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