UFC 175: Rousey

Last night was one of the few times that I decided to order a fight PPV. Honestly it wasn’t as it was billed. The Struve/Mitrione fight was scratched due to Struve having a fainting spell. I’m glad they caught it when they did and not in the middle of the cage, where it could have become something extremely serious. By no means am I saying that UFC 175 left me feeling short changed. It just wasn’t exactly what I was anticipating. With that being said Ronda Rousey’s 16 second destruction of Alexis Davis was insane.

When Rousey was coming up through the ranks of Strikeforce and into the UFC I was a huge fan. I thought having a women’s division was a great idea and that she would be the face of it. I was a fan until I saw how she acted on The Ultimate Fighter. She came off as an asshole. Her actions on the show, regardless of why, just didn’t gel well with the kind of person I cheer for. So I’ve refused to cheer for her and will support the fighter across from her.

Much like a Floyd Mayweather or Lebron James, Ronda Rousey is good for business. There’s nothing wrong with having “villains” in a sport. The outlandish, outspoken, ultra confident polarizing figures bring color and life to an event that adds a deeper sense of excitement. For that I love these athletes and characters. I live for the perfect night where something is just a bit off and the unexpected underdog claims a victory over them. It has nothing to do with being a hater, it’s just what sports are about.

Now what I do love about Ronda Rousey as a fighter is that she has a one track game plan. She knows what she’s good at and she implements it. My wife calls her a one trick pony, but in the end just because I do one thing really well it doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan B. The objective of the game is to win. Her path to doing just that is through Judo and the arm bar. I say ride that wave until someone stops it, and even when they stop it the first time make them try stop it a second and third time. Even when someone is so caught up trying to defend one thing they open themselves up for something else.

Last night it was some decent boxing, mixed with a knee, then a beautiful hip throw, right into a kesa gatame. It was textbook and thoroughly rehearsed in training to the point that it was based on instinct. It was a beautiful display of Judo. She was as dominant as any fighter I’ve seen in recent memory so part of me hopes she keeps it up but at the same time I would love to see her beat. Dana is running out of worthy opponents and will need to put something together worth paying for soon.


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