Memorial Day Comp Training

While most people were out having fun with their families at the beach having a BBQ, a small group of us were training. Earlier in the week I asked if Will was up for training since the academy was closed. It would be a great opportunity for him and myself since we are both competing at Worlds. At some point during the week he suggests that we get three hours in.. Wait, what? THREE hours?! The inner me looks at me like, are you nuts?

Come to find out it was one of my favorite competition classes. We had a total of eight people come by at some point during what turned out to be a three plus hour session. Some came in early on while others jumped in later, all pushing us in their own way. It was as much a mental battle as it was a physical one.

The structure of the training session was well timed and thought out. We switched between seven minute fight rounds and if I remember correctly, seven minute “mad minute” rounds from various defensive positions. As tired as I was between rounds and drills I pushed myself to keep pushing and protecting myself. It ended up becoming a mental game to see how well I could hide my emotions or feelings about how tired I was. By the time we were finished I was exhausted and ready to go home to eat and shower, but I was feeling AWESOME!!

I’ve been feeling amped since yesterday. I’m so excited to fight that I would fight right now. I haven’t had a whole lot of nervous energy about the Worlds. I feel great and think I’ll have a good showing when I’m called up on Thursday. Can’t wait!!

Here are two videos of some rounds I did with Dean and Justin the day before.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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