My 1st E-Book

HandBookSo late last year I decided to give writing a book a try. I had been blogging for a little and earlier in the year I was promoted to blue belt. There was a lot on my mind at the time, both things that I had accomplished and even more that I wanted to do. Writing a short book was at the top of my list, as scary as it sounded.

As a white belt I felt like there were often unsaid rules, forms of etiquette, and ways to approach training that I sometimes had to learn the hard way. I often checked Amazon in search of a book that covered the topics that I wanted but none existed. Everything I came across was technique based, which was great if you want to learn specifics on a maneuver but I wanted to learn the culture.

So in writing this book that’s what I tried to capture. It was difficult and time consuming. It was boring from time to time, specifically the editing process. Having to read and reread portions of your own work and still finding issues with it. Towards the end when I finally felt I was finished adding to the project I felt like it sucked. I started second guessing myself and if it was a valid piece of work worth displaying Amazon’s virtual shelves.

I started to worry about how it would be perceived and received by people I knew. The strangers not buying it wouldn’t affect me as much. Having people I knew read it and think it was a waste of time is what bothered me most. I almost decided against releasing it just it avoid it all. In the end I started sharing the Amazon link (Bjj White Belt Handbook) through @JiuJitsuJournal on twitter and the Facebook page.

HandbookReportAfter pushing the book I’ve actually got quite a few buys. As of the last 90 days I’ve sold 42 copies. I didn’t have a set number in mind that would have been deemed successful in my eyes but I’m genuinely happy with how it’s turned out. So far I only have one review but I hope that increases as well.

Thank you to my friends, family, training partners, and instructor for building my confidence to the point that I would attempt the things that I have the last few years. It’s been a blast, I’m excited to both compete and write more so wish me luck.

Thank you!


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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