The Worlds in Sight

I’m all signed up for the Worlds on April 11th for the Adult blue belt light category. Didn’t even give it much thought. I knew I had the money and decided it was best if I didn’t reason why I should or shouldn’t compete. It’s not a fear based decision, I’m over that. A part of you wonders if you have enough time to fix some of the issues you’ve been having problems with at the academy. Being 5 ½ weeks out we will see how things fall together.

With Will’s help, who’s also competing, I’m putting together a training schedule for myself. His eagerness to get me ready for the Worlds has me even more excited than I already was. I told him some of my goals for training camp and he reassured me that we would work on them when we got together with some of the other guys on Monday nights along with our usual Wednesday training.

This past Friday night Comp Class was my first in a few weeks in part due to a rib issue I’ve had. The time off did me some good but also made me nervous. I was worried that the guys and the drills would run me into the ground. Aside from being punched in the eye pretty hard and gently kneed in the man bits, I had a great time.

World’s Camp Goals:
• Improve my stand up guard breaks
• Scissor sweep
• Expand my closed guard over hook series

1:55 – Straight Arm Lock from over hook
5:14 – Straight Arm Lock from side control Kimura Lock

4:25 – Arm Bar from the over hook


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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