Teens Training

So recently Will decided to incorporate a teens training session once a week on Wednesday nights to train alongside the two of us. I felt it was a great idea by Will and was happy to hear that both Haley and Jordan decided to participate. With illnesses and homework getting in the way it hasn’t run as smoothly as we had hoped but it’s going well over all.

Last week Haley showed but Jordan was ill and this week Jordan showed but Haley had too much homework. With only one of them showing up each of the last two weeks we incorporated them into our own training. Had some rep time, offered some advice on the techniques, and sparred. We warned them that the pace of training would be faster and more intense. They kept it together and never complained. We were even able to add in two of the adults into some of the sparring session.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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