A Student’s Thoughts

A few weeks ago I approached one of our students about writing a blog post about her experiences with Jiu Jitsu. Hope you enjoy.

haleyLet me tell you, when I first started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), I was very scared on what the other people would think about me. Would I be able to do the techniques the other kids were doing? When I first went to the academy, I was scared to get on the mat but after some persuasion, I did and it was a great thing.  Getting into this program has made me feel better about myself; I’m not a shy as I use to be. I had just started middle school and to tell you the truth, I was so scared of bullies but now I could care less. I train three times a week and  at first I only wanted to go once a week but now if I could I would love to go every day. I spar against a boy that goes to the Wed No-GI class. I give it 100% and don’t just stand there and let him win. Sometimes he has trouble submitting me!

Once you get use to the BJJ style, you’re not scared to choke or do take down anyone. Having younger kids starting at age 6 all the way up my age 13 is good, it helps the younger ones a lot when they work with us older kids. Having a boy in the class that is a little bit bigger than me really helps me a lot too. At times it is hard to work with him, but I believe its really helped me a great deal. BJJ isn’t only good for learning how to fight, it really does help lose weight (helped me a lot), speak up, and gain self-confidence. I think I will keep going to BJJ at least till I’m in my 20’s, maybe even later. When I’m old enough, I would love to start teaching the younger kids. Right now on Mondays, I get to lead the warm ups occasionally. The kids listen and we just talk about our days and have fun while learning.


It is so awesome! I love BJJ and plan to stay in it for a long time. 🙂



Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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