First Adult Class

Recently we offered our two older students the opportunity to try some adult classes if they were interested. It looks like Jordan who’s a relatively new student will try her hand at it this week while Haley had her first this past Friday. The night ended up being more of a competition class, starting off with flow rolling then to a drill.

Everyone spent six minutes on the mat with rotating sparing partners. First person to score or submit would win the encounter and then a new person would immediately rotate in. Mike G, Daniel, Bobby, and I have all been doing Jiu Jitsu for quite some time now so this isn’t a new drill for us. They are all guys who are extremely respectful of their partners so I wasn’t worried about Haley getting hurt but part of me was a little nervous. Last thing I wanted to do was explain to my friend that her daughter wasn’t being returned in the same condition.

By the end of class both Will and I were extremely proud of her efforts. She hung in there and fought hard. Never complained or backed down. She did everything the rest of us did including cleaning up and mopping at the end of the night.

Well done and great job!


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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