Big Advancements

Back in October I decided to get more organized when it came to training and made some additions and changes to how I approached things. One of the biggest additions has been the use of The Jiu Jitsu Log. It’s allowed me to track goals and the techniques that I’m learning and drilling. Keeping track of specific issues and thoughts after training has allowed me to see things in a more detailed way. Something else I’ve started doing was recording my sparring sessions and watching them back as if I was watching scouting tape.

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Most recently I’m in the process of working this sequence of submissions from the Kimura lock in the bottom of half guard. I was able to get with Justin today and spend some time repping the series. It was incredibly informative to take the time to attack current issues and come across some that I had yet to encounter. Time very well spent.

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5:15 Kimura Sub from top of half guard.

8:10 Kimura Sub from bottom of half to North South.

10:00 Omoplata Sweep.

11:40 Failed Armbar & Triangle Choke.

14:35 Failed Armbar.

17:35 Kimura Sub from bottom of half guard.



Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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