Mean Dean

As written in a previous blog the team pooled together some money and sponsored Dean so he could compete at the IBJJF Masters Worlds on October 5th. The only catch being that he would have to make the 155 pound weight limit while wearing the Gi. Dean is naturally a skinnier guy but it didn’t sound like it would be that much work for him. Man was I wrong.

Joseph, one of our brown belts stepped up and became his nutritionist, cheerleader, and all around Drill Sargent. It’s been pretty impressive to watch, he’s gone above and beyond in helping Dean make his goal. What’s equally as impressive is Dean’s motivation to do everything in his power not to waste Joseph’s time.

He’s followed Joe’s suggestions like a robot. He was told to stay away from beer and candy and he’s done it. You know how I know this? Dean nearly ripped my head off during one of our 5am training sessions. I’m sure being up at 5 in the morning didn’t help much but as soon as he walked in he looked angry.

“I’m sick of this diet!!”

No “Good morning”, no “Hi”, no “Hey I’ve missed you”. Not knowing what to say to that we got to sparring and proceeded to manhandle me like he had never done before. I was on the defensive most of the round and was never able to gain the upper hand. If that’s the Dean that shows up at the World, he’s going to be a handful to say the least.

Keep up the good work!!


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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