Kid’s Class/Sunday Comp 7/28

Kid’s Bjj:

This kid’s program is getting to be really fun to be a part of. I’m enjoying seeing them enteract and learning to be comfortable with themselves on the mat. Haley for example came in on Wednesday to watch class, while her little brother Dylan participated. What I liked was that both of Dylan and Steph, kind of took over and talked her into joining class as we were getting ready to start. Since then she’s been to two classes and is feeling more confident. She ended up telling me she was worried about how she would be viewed by the other students. It’s great having a good  group of kids, who are smart and friendly. By the end of Saturday she was enjoying class. Hope she sticks around. It would be great for her self confidence.

Something else happen for the first time. One of our kids wanted to meet up before class for reps. Steph and I, got alot in during the 45 mins window we had. Guard break, pass, side control, mount, and ending with an arm bar. I was surpised by how much she could pick up and maintain. We also went over a choke or two from back mount. I’m pretty sure she wont remember the chokes, but she pulled off everything else during sparring, getting two armbar submissions in the process. I’m hoping to get her and another student, maybe Haley since they live close to each other, to come in early on saturdays to get some more rep time in.


Comp Class:

Tough Comp training today. I’m feeling every minute of today, and am not looking forward to how I’ll feel tomorrow. There were five of us and we started with doing some laps, and a couple of squat style excersizes with a partner clinging to your back. Once we finished with that we started doing some Judo throws.

I don’t come from a Judo background so it’s all still kind of new to me. One of our brown belts, Joseph, was doing some high impact throws. At the very least, I got the chance to truly practice my break falls. At one point his kick sailed a bit high and caught me in the groin. More of a glancing blow, but enough to make things kind of uncomfortable for me.

After that we worked on some situational sparring. It was all really good stuff. Had a great roll with Mike G, which he ended up getting the better of with a last minute sweep. I like rolling with Mike, he forces me to worry about different aspects of Jiu-Jitsu that othere’s don’t. His limbs are so long and strong, that he’s able to keep me at bay with just his length.


Woke up this morning, part of me wanted to call out from work, but I didn’t.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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