Failure; it can be infuriating and madding all at the same time. We are all conditioned to want to succeed, and want our names to be identified with being successful. We condition ourselves to crave it, no matter the lifestyle, or our station in our life, we need it. So much so, that many of us will run from the possibility of failure if given the chance. We wont try things, we’ll stay at home in our comfort zones with nominal success, if it means not risking it.

So, here I am seeking out failure. It’s tempting to just to get back to what I used to be doing. Passing people’s guard, working my pressure game, and Kimura. It’s easier on the ego and my various body parts that keep falling to submissions on a routine basis. I’ve never been submitted as much as I have been the last two weeks.

We’ve been starting off from the bottom of side control, defending and working to get to a safe situation. Keeping my collar guarded, while creating space with my elbows when it’s safe. I feel like I’m doing a better job than I had been. Even in saying that, I’m getting tapped left and right. I’m hoping that in seeking these failures now, I’ll be able to improve my overall defenses.

I refuse to believe that when you reach the fork in the road, that only one direction leads to success, and another to failure. Jiu Jitsu and life, just aren’t that simple. You’ll find both, no matter what road you follow, so own that road, and keep moving forward.




Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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