Father’s Day Edition..

This is about a day late. I wanted to write it, but didn’t quite know how I wanted to tackle the subject matter. My dad and I haven’t always looked eye to eye. There are things that I probably still resent him for. Things that he didn’t bother doing or being a part of when I was a kid. I missed out on lessons that would have made my life as a young man a bit easier.

With that being said, I wanted to honor him and the things he did teach me. Characteristics of his that have made me the man I am today. My dad  is a vet, who has always been an incredibly hard worker. There was never a period in my life that he wasn’t working, never a time in my life that I worried about being homeless. I’m sure there were aspect of his jobs that he hated, but he did them to keep us sheltered and fed.

With the Army, he was in the field a lot. He was deployed to both Panama and the first Iraq build up, I’m sure he has plenty of interesting stories of his stint in the Army. Hoping that maybe one day he’ll share them with me. I’m extremely proud to say that my father served. So much so I ended up going in. In some weird way, it was the family business. People with money, hand down businesses. For us it was fatigues and combat boots. I even served in his old unit and ran into people who remembered working with him.

Something else I’ve followed him in, is the love for the martial arts. He trained Taekwondo for 3 years while we were in Germany, holds a blue belt in Kung Fu, and is currently training Krav Maga. I remember him trying to teach me Kung Fu as a kid. I just wasn’t ready. I wasn’t very self confident, extremely shy, and just felt like an idiot doing it. It’s something I regret now, and hope he wasn’t offended.

I was listening to sports talk the other day, and the topic was your favorite sports related moment with your father. After thinking about it, I remembered this indoor baseball game we used to play. It was odd and I don’t even remember where it originated or even all the rules. What I do remember was that it was something that the 3 of us enjoyed.

All we needed was a pencil, and a small rolled up ball of paper. We would sit on the living room floor, with a Yankee’s game playing on the TV, and just have fun. There would be a pitcher, a batter, and a guy in the “outfield”. Pitching would be done by rolling the small ball of paper across the carpet to the batter. We had our typical missed swings as strikes, foul balls, and fly outs. The excitement came when you hit the “ball” square enough to knock it out of the “park” for a home-run. Honestly one of my favorite moments spent with him.

In finishing, Happy Father’s Day Old Man, love you!!


IMG_7625My Dad, My brother Daniel, and Me. Don’t make fun of our short shorts, apparently they along with our sexy socks, were in style at somepoint.



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