Plugging Along, Random Thoughts

Currently just plugging along, I’ve been learning a lot from Jeff, Anthony, and Will. My North-South is improving, but I’m still having issues with securing the the Kimura grip, and overall control. With that being said, I am finishing more often than I had just a few weeks ago, so I’m happy with where I’m headed. My back takes are also become a source of pride for me, it doesn’t necessarily spell doom for my opponents, but  it’s my go to position next to my North-South.

Overall I’m feeling more confident, I’m not worried about losing or being submitted when I roll. It may sound a little odd, but my mindset for training right now is sort of blank, or at least I’m trying to keep it that way. I’m extremely passionate about my sport, and my own personal game, but I don’t want emotions clouding my decisions. I do not want to ride my successes, or harp on my failures for too long. I think tht’s helping me cultivate improvements.


On Saturday I met up with Dean. While talking, he mentioned he wanted to work on his guard passing, so we did some situational rounds starting from my guard. After working on that, we moved one to some sparring. I ended up injuring my big toe on my left foot while rolling. It’s currently swollen and bruised, but not serious. At least I don’t think. Here’s one of the videos from our sparring.

3:40 I hit my North South Kimura

7:25 Dean hits his Arm Triangle


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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