Striving to be Relentless!!

Recently I decided to take some time off from competing to work on some things before jumping into the Blue Belt division, and it’s been a good move for me. I’m still training, and pushing myself as if I had a comp in mind, and learning a lot. A few weeks ago during our Sunday Comp Training session, I felt out of shape physically, and allowed that to dictate where my mind was going. My technique suffered when I needed it most, which caught Jeff’s ire. After class he compared my mental approach when I was most tired, to someone who was a willing accomplice to their own attack. Not the way he expressed it, I decided to clean it up for my blog, but the words bothered me enough to push for improvement.


I’ve always tried to train to have better cardio than the next guy, and relishing in that moment when you can feel they have had enough, knowing you have that extra in the gas tank. The issue is, how do I react when I’m the guy who doesn’t have the superior endurance. How will I respond when I think I’ve had enough. So I started researching mental toughness and came across a book called, Relentless by Tim Grover.

I’m not a fan of everything in the book, currently about half way done, but his description of how Kobe Bryant and Micheal Jordan approached training and the games proved to be useful. They were results driven, and insatiable when it came to success. They didn’t listen to the nay sayers, and constantly moved forward to attain their next goal. He also spoke about how important it was for them to stop thinking and just react instinctually. One of the most impactful mind sets they carried with them was, not worrying about the player across from them, but making that player worry about them.

“A strong mind will carry a weak body further than a strong body will carry a weak mind.”

So with these things in mind, I’ve tried to push myself harder during training, and become more instinctual. I’ve seen improvement, but honestly still have a way to go. Truly enjoying my journey though.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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