Busy Bjj Weekend!

Pretty busy weeked for me between my professional and person life. At 9am I met with Ed Valbuena to teach me the business end of the school. He was kind enough to give me an hour of his time to show me how he does his consultations. What has worked for him and what hasn’t, I was able to ask questions and go through the process as if I was a potential client. He showed me some of the other disciplines and now has me interested in taking some of the other classes we offer if I can ever pull myself away from Jiu Jitsu long enough. Overall Ed was a wealth of knowledge and I took away so much from it all. Loved it.

Immediately after my “Intro” with Ed I got dressed for the kid’s class and jumped right in next to Will to help teach. Today was the first time since I started where we had a student other than Aiden. I met Savannah, JT, and Justin for the first time and immediately picked up on their personalities and started to feel comfortable with them. It really was enjoyable, even the youngest of the group remembered enough to participate in any of the exercises that the other students were doing. We did some situational sparring and coached them through some tough spots.

Over all it’s time well spent but I think both Will and I will be working on ways to structure more discipline into the program so that more time can be spent on them learning and progressing through their journeys.

Ending my busy Jiu Jitsu weekend with Buda Videos’ live stream of the Bjj PanAms.


Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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