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The past week has been pretty exciting and hectic on a couple of fronts. Working full time, college part time, and now assistant teacher for The Harris Academy. It’s really something I’ve wanted to do for a while now so I jumped at the opportunity to work with Will who’s in charge of the Bjj kid’s program.

I would consider Will and I pretty good friends. I rely heavily on him for my Jiu Jitsu growth and he has worked my corner during the majority of my competitions. When he went to the World’s I made it my job to tag along and be his warm up partner for the event.

A week ago Juan and myself filled in to teach the a class that Will wasn’t able to attend. Neither one of us had taught a Jiu Jitsu class but since Juan had some experience teaching Kid’s JKD I fell in line and he lead the way. It went well but you could tell Aiden was uneasy with us. When he walked in he looked excited about class but when we was told that Will wouldn’t be teaching his face dropped.

I felt bad for the kids but class goes on. Juan and I taught him a few scenarios where an arm bar could be used and with the last 5-10 mins of class we played dodge ball which was the first time he lit up with excitement.

So here I am a few classes in and trying to soak up as much as possible when it comes to teaching kids. Aiden has really surprised me by how much Jiu Jitsu knowledge he’s been able to retain along the way. During the last class we rolled through a couple of scenarios for which he had to fight his way out of, went really well but I’m still getting used to how distracted kids can get during class.

The other side of helping teach the kid’s is getting some promotion going for the program. I came up with a flier to pass out and post up at different locations. Didn’t really take long since at the moment I’m actually take a Microsoft Publishing class that went over this just a few weeks ago.

So here’s what it looks like..



Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

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