Blue Belt Promotions

Me, Jaydee, Dean, and Brian

When I first decided to look into this sport I ran it by my wife DeLisa and  my close friend and coworkers Suz, Alex, and Andrew. Both DeLisa and Suz thought it would be a great a idea and the next thing I knew I was enrolled in a beginners course at UCSD with both Alex and Andrew. Shy and nervous about being on the mat I was apprehensive about actually sparring but after the first roll I was all in. I couldn’t get enough, after some time I needed more instruction so I join The Harris Academy.

Since then I’ve had countless bruises, strains, and achy worn muscles over the past two years. Frustrated moments, failures, and more bonehead mistakes than I can remember. In the end I’ve enjoyed the journey immensely. It’s taught me to focus on the miniature goals more so than that of when I would finally be promoted. Along the way I’ve competed in 7 competitions and taken home medals from many of them but what I valued most about the process was the mat time. There’s something about sharing these long and gruelling training sessions that forges friendships that you just don’t find often. This tight knit group of fighters have become family to me so it was an honor to be promoted along side with Dean, would have been nice if Mike G was there too but he decided to take the day off. Ass.

It’s been a long process, one that Dean and I have shared and struggled through together for nearly a year now. Our styles are such that we compliment each other by being opposites and in that we motivate one another. We constantly look to roll against each other and often ask the higher belt colors for advice on countering something that the other is doing. I would not have made it to this point when I did without Dean opposite me. It’s really been an enjoyable journey and I can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon.

Me, Jeff, and Dean
Me, Jeff, and Dean


Thank you to everyone who played a part in this. Jeff, Will, Dean, Mike, Brian, and the rest of the Grinders!!!

Jeff and I
Jeff and I


Dean’s Promotion

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